LMS platform hosting and development, consulting and support

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a widely-used open-source Learning Management System (LMS). It allows you to share online material with your students (upload PDF documents, images, videos...), create interative activities or student assignments, manage grades and competencies, and more.

Academico SIS

Academico SIS is a school management platform to help you handle student mangement, enrolments, evaluation, payments, HR, reports, and more. It was built for an Alliance Fran├žaise on an open-source, which allows to modify and cutomize it for other institutions.

My service offer

Managed Moodle hosting

All-included hosting: Moodle setup for your domain, hosting, backups, updates. Most hosting providers give you the software, but leave you on your own when it comes to customizing Moodle, dealing with settings, solving issues or understanding how it works. On the contrary, I will take care of the technical aspects for you.

Support and assistance

Once your LMS is set up, I'll be available to help you. You might need to import users, migrate data from another platform, automatically create courses or enroll students from an external source : I can help you with these tasks. Tell me what you need and I will help you find the right tools to do it.

Custom tools development

I build custom tools, like the Academico SIS plaform, and integrate them with Moodle. I can also develop custom Moodle plugins or mobile apps for your institution. Please get in touch and tell me about your situation!

Simple and affordable pricing

These offers are for reference and may be adjusted according to your specific needs.

Moodle hosting and support

These usage limits correspond to a basic server and ensure the platform remains fast. If you have more users or need more disk space, a more powerful setup is possible for a slightly increase price.

What's included

  • 10 GB disk space (OK to add more later)

  • For up to 500 active students (OK to increase later)

  • Installation and maintenance (updates, backups)

  • Support and expertise (email and/or visio)

Monthly price

$48 USD

or USD $528 /year

Academico SIS

What's included

Discover all features on Academico SIS. Please ask for an estimate if you need custom development, for instance extra features, integration with other tools, etc.

  • Unlimited courses and teachers

  • Unlimited students

  • All-included hosting

  • Support and training for your team

Monthly price

$48 USD

or USD $528 /year

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